Why Piezosurgery®?

Since its introduction, Piezosurgery® has revolutionized bone surgery making the impossible possible. Its unique, patented technology allows surgeons to deliver better patient outcomes with greater safety, less bleeding, less swelling, reduced pain, and improved healing. All of this is made possible by Piezosurgery®’s patented dual-wave technology, which uses ultrasonic vibrations to cut bone precisely while preserving the integrity of soft tissues such as nerves and blood vessels.
The best clinicians worldwide understand the importance of utilizing advanced technology to guarantee their patients receive predictable and outstanding results with the least amount of trauma possible. The trustworthy clinicians who use Piezosurgery® in their daily practice clearly care about providing you, as a patient, the highest degree of care and treatment available in the industry. When you place your trust in one of the Piezosurgery® Certified Providers, you receive the best care while experiencing less pain and faster recovery. In the hands of these expert clinicians, Piezosurgery® removes anxiety related to going to the dentist for an overall more enjoyable experience, meaning that you can get back to what matters.

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