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After my dentist removed three of my wisdom teeth, my face was swollen and I could barely open my mouth… When the last tooth had to be pulled, I went to see a periodontist. The doctor explained he was going to use a new instrument named Piezosurgery, which would make me swell less and reduce pain. I liked my previous dentist, but after the extraction at the periodontist’s office my recovery was much faster!
Francesca F.


My granddaughter insisted I see a doctor who used Piezosurgery® when I needed 6 teeth extracted.  She arranged the appointment and I went, as suggested.  The following day she called me to ask how I was feeling and I had no pain or swelling whatsoever.  Thank goodness she knew the best place for me to go for this procedure.  I’ve heard horror stories about tooth extractions and I had no pain, stress or anxiety of any type.
Helen E.

Joshua, TX